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      Video and Phone Sessions

      In office appointments - Calgary and Okotoks, Alberta Canada


      Providing Psychological Services for Adults, Teens, Children and Families

      Trauma, Behaviour challenges, Family, Individual counselling for depression and anxiety


      Shelley Hanna is EMDR trained and in process of Certification

      EMDR is effective for many concerns

      Virtual EMDR is available including Saturday morning availability for convenience



      Assisting with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Phobias, MVA, and more with EMDR. Convenience of treatment in your home virtually or in office. Contact me for a free consultation

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      Shelley Hanna MA R. Psych

      Psychological Services and Counselling


      Okotoks, AB 

      Calgary, AB 


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      -Virtual Clients must be a resident of Alberta


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    • Shelley Hanna MA R. Psychologist


      Working with you - Shelley Hanna

      Psychotherapist and

      EMDR Specialist

      20 plus years experience as a Psychologist has taught me how amazing and resiliant people are. You can find your way to better health and happiness and an inspired life with the right match of tools, support and compassion. No matter where you are at, please know it can get better.



    • Specializing in EMDR Trauma Therapy

      Release the past, Live now, Love your life

      EMDR is recommended by The World Health Organization

      (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

      EMDR is used to help First Responders, Service Members and Veterans

      How is EMDR different from other therapies?

      EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) allows the brain to have a natural healing process. It can be more accessible as it does not involve talking about a distressing event in great detail or have homework in-between sessions

      Who can benefit from EMDR?

      Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias,

      Chronic Illness and medical issues,

      Depression,Eating disorders, Pain, Performance anxiety, PTSD and other trauma and stress-related issues, Sleep disturbance, Substance abuse and addiction, Childhood experiences of abuse, DV

    • A New Option

      for Healing from Trauma

      The traditional model of therapy is 1 hour weekly. There is another option - Intensives take more time for a seamless experience and allow a customized experience - often more easily scheduled than taking an hour a week 

    • Already in counselling but stuck on a trauma?

      EMDR Adjunct service available - brief or intensive EMDR then return to your counsellor

      Consider Adjunct Therapy - your counsellor may have identified a trauma event that is keeping you from making progress in your therapy. You can come in for EMDR to process this event, typically 1 to 4 sessions, and then return to your therapist to continue your journey


      Video Counselling

      Convenient Alternative to In Office Appointments Virtual counselling is easy and just as effective as in office experiences



      Specializing in Trauma Treatment

      EMDR and CPT for Trauma

      EMDR Intensives


      Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

      Parenting/Child Behaviour


      Co-parenting Issues

      Family Conflict



      Self Esteem


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      You will receive a link to join the video on your confirmation email - no downloads are necessary

      Convenient Mobile Safe Flexible

      Connect with your counselling session anywhere in the world

      Make your appointment online for quick access to your session, even same day

      No commute, no parking, sit back and relax

      Completely effective

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    • EMDR

      Trauma Therapy with EMDR


      Motor Vehicle Accidents, Childhood Traumas, Accidents, Phobias, Assault, Abusive Relationships, Natural Disasters, Bullying, and more

      for Adults, Children, Adolescents


      EMDR is recommended by the World Health Organization since 2013, American Psychiatric Association, and other agencies for its positive outcomes for mental health, including treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.



      Interested in getting started? Contact Shelley now

      EMDR Intensives available- Schedule more time for faster results and a customized experience - 90 minutes, 2 and 4 hour intensives

      Book your initial 60 minutes prep session for EMDR in office or virtually

      Experience counts when it comes to assisting you to find your own path to wellness and feeling alive again
      shelleyhannapsychology@gmail.com or use the contact form
      403 463 2152
    • What We Do

      Get results faster with evidence based EMDR therapy and EMDR Intensives

      Supporting clients with EMDR Intensives

      EMDR Intensives - 1 to 3 days in office or virtual EMDR session days
      2, 4, or 5 hour in office intensives, depending on your treatment plan
      Use the extended processing time to your advantage, no spread out appointments or sporadic attendance. 
      Get your healing done intensively and quickly. EMDR intensive days include brief trauma exercises, and breaks to assist in integration and processing.
      You can add in Art Therapy, Yoga, and Nature Walk in your Intensive Plan.
      Ask about EMDR Mountain Walk Intensive. Use the mountains as your support and resource.
      Discuss with Shelley Hanna this option for EMDR treatment and set up the initial consultation appointment
      EMDR intensives range in price according to your treatment plan and include a customized workbook. 50% of fee is due on booking and remaining fee is due on first day of intensive

      Counselling - you are not alone

      Adult mental health concerns such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anxiety, Worry, Anger, Addiction and Compulsions, Life Transition, Parenting and Child Behaviour.


      You are not alone, and you can get better. Contact me for an appointment and you can make a difference in your life. We can discuss whether individual, marital or family counselling is the best approach.
      Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
      Solution Focused
      Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
      Stress Reduction Mindfulness Based strategies
      are some of the modalities and approaches that I use to help you to your goals. Please ask for more information if you'd like to learn more

      Supporting clients with Extensive Training in Complex Trauma

      More info on EMDR below or ready to schedule an EMDR consult or appointment contact me now - 403 463 2152


    • Child and Adolescent Therapy

      Therapy for trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and parenting strategy support

      Behaviour Problems

      School problems, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Separation/Divorce, Video Games, Step parents, Trauma

      All children experience stress and sometimes they need professional help. Parents can get insight, mindset, education and information on strategies to make positive changes in the home and in their child's behaviour. Traumas can be assisted with EMDR or CPT


      A special age

      Teens sometimes have a hard time admitting they need some guidance, but it can make all the difference. Get some assistance for your teen before the situation spirals, and some help in your parenting strategies. Totally Awesome Dude!

    • Fees are in accordance with the Psychologists Association of Alberta


      Session Fees - Office and Virtual

      $200 -Individual Session for 50 min

      $300 - 80 min session

      Session packages are available for savings


      EMDR Intensives available - 90 minutes, 2 to 4 hours

      Click Here to schedule a consult



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      We are a Conscious Business-

      To Give is To Receive


      A portion of our profits goes to our chosen charities benefiting


      Women and Children

      The Planet and Humanity


      Recent donations -




      Bow Valley Humane Society



    • Easier Access for the Services you Need

      Making it easier for your appointment

      You can get started by electronic intake form which will be sent by email after your appointment is scheduled.


      Your session may be covered by your Employee Assistance Plan or Insurance Coverage

      Fees are set according to the recommendations of the Psychologists Association of Alberta


      Direct billing is available for

      Canada Life


      Alberta Bluecross

      Johnson Group


      or ask your provider for direct billing options


      Sunlife Lumino Health Services provider

      Please contact your insurer for their current procedures for reimbursement and/or direct billing




      Book your appointment with ease and assurance that your concern is treated with respect and compassion


      Making a change is not easy, but it begins with one small step. And then the next and so on. Having someone on our side, to guide the way and cheer us on, and give us tools to get to that place can make all the difference. Find that person, make that phone call, see that friend, go for that walk; treat yourself differently today. - Shelley Hanna



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