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    Shelley Hanna

    20 plus years experience as a Psychologist has taught me how amazing and resiliant people are. You can find your way to better health and happiness and an inspired life with the right match of tools, support and compassion.
    "You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean, in a drop." - Rumi
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    Partnering with you

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Finding your way back to yourself and your joy takes courage and I respect and appreciate the journey my clients are taking. I care about my client's goals and I ensure that it is a collaboration towards a life of purpose and meaning. I have been studying and training for over 20 years in therapeutic modalities that are based in science, compassion, building resiliance and finding your joy, happiness and well-being.


    My experience as a psychologist lead me to be curious about EMDR. I trained in Basic EMDR in 2010 while working in various other psychology programs in the public sector as a consultant and treatment provider, until I decided it was time to take my experience into a whole new realm of private practice.

    Using developmental modalities for psychotherapy treatment of children and adolescents and assisting adults stuck in trauma, I discovered that EMDR brings a shift for so many, so often, quickly and effectively changing the horizon for clients, from night to day.

    I've continued to train in complex trauma presentation including early childhood developmental trauma, neuroscience, somatic therapies, attachment theory and completed the certification process with EMDRIA in 2022. I reach for excellence in my training and therapy with my clients, so you can shine your light on the planet again.


    -Shelley Hanna MA R.Psych



    "I now see that owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do." Brene Brown



    Recent Trainings:


    FASD assessment training U of W 2013


    'Cognitive Processing Therapy' - 2019

    Medical University of South Carolina


    '31 Secrets of the Embodied Self' -Sandra Paulsen 2022


    'When There are No Words' - Sandra Paulsen 2022


    'When Reprocessing Doesn't Go Well..' - Kathleen Martin - EMDR Canada 2022


    'Haunted: EMDR for First Responders and Professionals in the Trenches' - Robbie Adler-Tapia 2022


    'Embedded Suffering' - Kathy Martin 2022

    'Havening Technique' - 2022

    EFT - 2019


    Flash Technique and variations - 2022


    EMDRIA Canada Membership

    PAA Membership

    College of Alberta Psychologists Member

    EMDR Basic Training 2010 - Marshall Wilensky

    EMDR Certification - Patricia Bianca Torres CA USA